Type Of Car Modification Styles All The Time

For gearheads, car modification is mandatory. Car modification matter will never end. Starting from the use of aftermarket wheels, application of various models and types of body kits, to a variety of engine performance kits that are available in the market. However, for those who do not know, sometimes the modifications they make cause funny. Especially for beginner modifiers who have not yet discovered the style and type of car modification styles available right now. They only do modifications based on their desire to appear different. In the end, they appeared like clowns with their cuteness.

Well, in the following article, car assistants will share information about the types of car modification styles that are commonly applied by automotive enthusiasts and are currently popular. Each style will reflect the character of the car owner. So, when a mixture of styles occurs it can be interpreted that the owner of the mixture of characters as well.

The list of the types on car modification styles below:

  1. United State Domestic Market (USDM Style Modification)
  2. Japanese Domestic Market (JDM Style Modification)
  3. Street Racing Style Modification
  4. Hellaflush Style Modification
  5. Hotrod Style Modification
  6. Rat Rod Style Modification
  7. VIP Style Modification
  8. Sleeper Style Modification
  9. Retro Style Modification

Want to know more about these styles? the following is an explanation of each of these styles:

United State Domestic Market (USDM Style Modification)

usdm look car

According its name, this style originated from the land of Uncle Sam (United States of America). The typical USDM style has a slightly larger bumper, and also has additional lights whose function gives signals to the driver from the side in order to see it. Following are the general characteristics of USDM type modification:

“Orange Peel” Paint

Interestingly, the USDM-style modification seems to make the car experience a spec down. Especially because the bumpers are colored differently than the body, so it seems un painted like the cheapest car. But not just a different color, because the coating is like the surface of an orange peel. You can do this by playing with the technique of spraying paint by enlarging the spray of the wind and then coated with varnish. We recommend using gray or black paint, just like some American car specs. Or use the other method, by relying on a sticker to overlay the bumper. The choice can use black matte stickers. But make sure it is done neatly because the bumper has extreme curves.

Use of Hood-Bra

One of the accessories that really stands out from the USDM style is the use of Hood-Bra. This accessory is a hood made of leather. Its function is to protect the front of the car from gravel when the car is running.

Intersection Lamp application

Next is the addition of intersection lamp details. This lamp is mounted on the side of the front bumper. Normally, this lamp will function together with the lighting of the sign lamp. But the module is activated not to make it flicker, instead of the intersection lamp, it just goes on.

Japanese Domestic Market (JDM Style Modification)

JDM Look car

The style of Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) is one of car modification styles is quite popular among car modifiers. This is calculated from the number of Japanese car manufacturers available over the world so that quite favored by automotive enthusiasts.

JDM style is more devoted to cars manufactured by Japan such as Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Subaru, Mazda, and others. And for the selection of modified car components, it emphasizes more on the priority of using Japanese original car parts.

From several sources on the internet, this JDM flow car modification has the motto “Function over form” which means, function is more important than appearance. So, the addition of modified parts is prioritized for functions that can be useful and can be used in the car according to the needs of the car owner.

Street Racing Style Modification

Street racing look car

Modifications to the car that embraces the style of street racing further emphasizes the look like a racing car but can still be used for daily activities. The use of racing-style body kit, eye catching cutting stickers, large rear wing spoilers, muffler racing look, and racing model wheels are prominent characteristics of this street racing style.

In addition, various changes to the engine are also commonly found. Use of Turbo, NOS, ported and polish on the engine to racing accessories on ignition instruments such as spark plug wires, spark plugs, coil. Even to the use of aftermarket air filters will be seen behind the engine hood for car modification with the street racing style.

Hellaflush Style Modification

Hellaflush look car

The Hellaflush is the one the type of car modification styles that really popular right now. This is a style that is more likely to make the car body as close as possible to the road, but the car can still be run. Hellaflush style prefers modifications in the underbody sector, namely by displaying a wide rim profile with a maximum offset that still looks right behind the fender car tire.

As a result, the tire will appear to fill the car tire space coupled with the position of the tire which looks tilted due to the camber being too large so that the tire looks immersed into the fender. In addition, the car will look flat and the body approaches the road surface.

Hotrod Style Modification

hotrod look car

Unlike hellaflush, this style tends to use classic cars. Usually, Hotrod shows off its big block engine parts and uses chrome colored wheels. After that, using tires that are rather large and made out of the body. Hotrod style is one of the most popular car modification styles.

Rat rod Style Modification

ratrod look car

The shape is not much different from hotrod, but rat rod’s character is more like an old car that is not neglected and rusty body. Usually, this flow also uses old cars, such as classic cars in the 50s to 70s. Although it looks more simple and sloppy, but fans of this style of modification still choose.

VIP Style Modification

vip look car

This car modification style has a characteristic that uses large width wheels above 19 (generally 20 to 24) inches with a negative offset. Besides the modification of the VIP style car tends to be minimalist on the exterior such as the use of a simple body kit, air suspension, oval shaped muffler, and looks extreme chamber.

However, specifically for the interior, the VIP style is made very elegant, clean and neat. The dominant interior colors use white, maroon, black or dark brown. In addition, the modification of the VIP style car is very focus on Sound Quality (SQ) produced from the car audio system in it.

Sleeper Style Modification

sleeper look car

Car modification styles at this step named as sleeper car are more likely to make changes only to the engine parts, whereas the body parts are often made standard like factory outputs. As a result, this car will look ordinary from the outside, but when raced, this car is capable of releasing super large engine power.

A common modification made by this style sleeper is the engine swap method, or replacing a standard default engine with a machine that has greater performance. With this engine swap, it is possible to add a turbo charger to a large capacity engine which will increase the car’s performance even further.

Retro Style Modification

retro look car

For vintage lover’s car modifiers, the style of this retro car modification might be a reference. The dominant retro style is favored by users of classic cars, or cars marketed in the 60s to 80s era. The concept carried on the style of this retro modification is more prioritizing the originality of each part, both on the interior and exterior sides of the car. Although the flow of this retro modification looks simple, the costs incurred are not small because the parts of these classic cars are generally already very rare in the market, although there are certainly quite expensive prices.

Finally, among the many of the car modification styles, which one do you choose? I choose sleeper! why did I choose this style? All of this is just about taste. So it’s not about which one is the best. Every style will give satisfaction to those who love it. So it doesn’t need to be debated because it’s related to mere taste.

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