Why Peoples Needed Low Cost Auto Insurance In Texas

The peoples who living in Texas needed auto insurance in critical. Why the low cost auto insurance in Texas become urgent from right now? This can be seen from the high level of accidents that occurred in the region. Although, auto insurance does not only cover accidents. Auto insurance is required by law in all states but a lot of us don’t have the money to buy insurance over and above the costs already made on buying a car. Thus, the peoples who lives in this region need methods and tips that can help us to get cheaper auto insurance that will still protecting us adequately.

The Facts related to the need for low cost auto insurance in Texas

Based on TDOT statistical data released a few years ago, obtained data that:

  1. In every 2 hours and 20 minutes, was found 1 person killed in a Texas traffic accident
  2. In every 1 minutes and 59 seconds, was found 1 person injured
  3. In every 57 seconds, 1 reportable traffic collision occurred
  4. There are 265,076 of people injured in traffic accidents.
  5. 17,582 people reported sustained serious injuries on that count
  6. There are 34.27 % of traffic fatalities were causing by “single accident”
  7. There are 26% people killed causing by drunk driving accidents

Base on another data of TDOT, there are several factors causes of Texas traffic accidents in few years ago:

  1. Uncontrolled speed: 32,155 cases
  2. Lack of attention on Driving: 19,126 cases
  3. Out of the track in single lane: 10,835 cases
  4. Turning carelessly: 5,246 cases
  5. Change lanes carelessly: 37,523 cases
  6. Too close to other vehicles: 26,954 cases
  7. Sudden stop: 21,598 cases
  8. Over limit speed: 9,148 cases
  9. Disregard the sign or traffic light: 22,500 cases
  10. Alcohol influence: 5,108 cases
  11. Distraction from other vehicle: 12,424 case

In addition to accidents, the level of car theft in the Texas region is classified as high even in the top five based on National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) data. A total of 15,511 cases of car theft were reported in the locked state between 2016 and 2018. In fact, in 2017, the Texas in second position after California with a vehicle theft rate of 68,041 cases. These numbers again show the importance for Texas residents to equip their vehicles with insurance policies. Although this is not cheap, but with some effort, we can get auto insurance low cost.

There are several insurance companies which offer low cost auto insurance in Texas but we need to do good research and choose the one that is best for us. A lot of times insurance companies claim to offer low rates but when we finally go to buy these policies, they charge us with different surcharges making the final price to high and we can’t even think about trying to afford it.

Also, some insurers will claim to cover all the important things but when we actually need them, they deny us the coverage. Some companies are not even verified with the BBB and should not be trusted. Thus, if they are not listed with the BBB it may be necessary for us to do a background check and talk it out with the agent about the services they will be providing and the exact quote that they are offering.

Now, let’s discuss briefly a way some people try to save money but is not recommended for us to do. In Texas, there is no requirement under the law for uninsured or under-insured driver’s insurance. An uninsured driver is someone who has no insurance. An under-insured driver is one who does have liability insurance, but in an amount that is not enough to cover the other driver’s damages in a particular situation.

Some Texas residents try to save money by declining this type on coverage. We do not recommend this way! We may be thinking this is a good way to save some money but it is really a good idea to have it and we should try to work at least a minimal coverage into our policy. We or our family’s lives may depend on it.

Now there are certain steps that we should take in order to lower the rates of our insurance and still get good coverage. Some of these steps are:

  1. Raise the deductible on our insurance policy: Increase the deductible of our car insurance from $200 to $1000 per accident. By this way, we will have the benefit of saving at least 40% or even more on our auto insurance policy. However, it is important to keep in mind while raising the deductible that we have enough money in our pocket to pay off any out of budget expenses that may occur if we are involved in an accident.
  2. Keep a good credit score: Insurance companies will track our credit report when we approach them for auto insurance. If we have a high credit score, the price of our car insurance will automatically be lower. If our credit score is low, remember to pay all of our bills on time for the next three months before we apply for car insurance. Three months is the minimum period of time that we will take to improve our credit score.
  3. Attend a driving school: If we have a clean driving record, insurance companies tend to reward us with lower premiums. Thus, it is necessary that we go to a defensive driving school. Once we have the certificate and our card, we will be able to lower the rates of insurance by 10%.
  4. Liability insurance: we will have a lower rate of insurance if we only take liability insurance on our car and not get a comprehensive coverage.

Keeping the above steps in mind, we will be able to find a good low cost auto insurance in Texas easily. To get the best insurance try going online and compare several quotes from the best insurers. it is much faster than calling around to every car insurer in Texas. Basically, the need for car insurance should not refer to statistical figures because even though the case figures show a small number, the possibility of it still exists. Therefore, as a wise decision, it is better to equip our vehicle with insurance protection.

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