Test Drive Checklist On Buying New Car

Test drive new car is a service provided by every car manufacturer to attract potential buyers. As potential buyers, we are certainly should not miss this opportunity. On this occasion, we are as potential car owners can find out the quality and capabilities of the cars to be own. Therefore, it is very important to know what things need to be included in the test drive checklist on buying new car. On a test drive new car service, there are so many things that we have to pay attention to while the time provided is very short. And it is necessary to know that the price we will pay is not cheap.

Preparation before doing a test drive on buying new car

test drive a new car

Before deciding to come to cars dealer to do a test drive for buying new car, there are some things that must be prepared from home:

1) Know your driving habits or character. Driving habits or characters are closely related to the technology installed on the engine of the car to be purchased.

2) Consider the budget that will be used to buy the car. Don’t force to buy if out of budget ability.

3) Consider the needs of passengers, cargo and size of the car. It is important to consider the size of the garage or parking lot and think about the type of car that suitable for us. Don’t just rely on low prices and the latest edition. Focus is on fulfilling all of our needs.

4) Consider engine capability, transmission technology, and fuel consumption. Fuel economy data released by manufacturers are usually obtained from testing with ideal conditions. So usually the numbers listed are not realistic. That number is also influenced by our driving character. Is it always full load-passenger and cargo? and need to be aware from the outset that a machine with a large capacity does provide excessive power and far from fuel efficiency as can be found in compact cars. However, are they suitable for our needs?

5) Take advantage of car brand sites available on the internet to compare features, size, fuel economy, and price.

6) Make a list of priority needs in sequence in the form of a test drive checklist on buying new car. Eliminate each criterion in the list to make easier in the next process.

7) Consider the availability status of the car to be purchased. Is “ready stock” or “by order”?

Additional to put on checklist on buying new car, choosing the ready stock. Provide several advantages:

  • The position to offer a price is very strong for us as potential buyers. Don’t hesitate to ask for a price discount, it is possible that the dealer will consider your request if they are hunting for sales targets.
  • We can immediately bring the car home.

However, there is disadvantages can occur on buying new car with ready stock status:

That is possible that the existing car does not match the expectations brought from home, for example the colors available. Unlike the case if the car is not available and we must order in advance. This will ensure we can order the car exactly as desired. All choices and requests will be met even with the risk that we will wait several months.

8) Consider the type of transmission technology installed in the car. For some people, a car with a manual transmission will feel more fun because the transmission gear can be shift as desired. The acceleration or “stop and go” process will be in the driver’s control. This will not be found in cars with automatic transmissions because gearshift will be regulated by the engine. Both of these technologies have advantages and disadvantages, a car with manual transmission is not appropriate for road conditions that are full of traffic jam due to pedals and gear sticks that must be used at all times. Unlike the case with an automatic transmission car, the driver will only focus on the throttle and brake pedals. If we need technology that provides the advantages of these two technologies, a car with triptonic transmission is the solution. Triptonic transmission is a combination of manual and automatic transmissions. Drivers are allowed to be able to switch between the two technologies (manual or automatic) through a panel.

Things you need to do when you are in a car showroom to do a test drive new car :

  • Meet customer service and convey the intention of coming to do a test drive.
  • If given the opportunity to choose a new car test drive unit, choose the same car as the car we are going to buy.
  • When a new car test drive unit is provided, do not immediately open the car door, sit behind the wheel, start the engine and go. First, pay attention to the car from outside and inside. Take visibility from various angles. Note the correct design, body curvature, assembly quality, paint color and body panel settings. It must be remembered that we will buy a new car which means that everything must be in perfect condition. Do not tolerate the slightest defect.
  • Don’t hesitate to get out and enter the cabin. Do it as comfortably as possible. Adjust the seat and various control buttons. If the car will be used with the family, invite all family members to do the same. Complex things will become easier if done together.
  • If we are already in the cabin, try to use each of the available control buttons on the dashboard such as the radio, air conditioner, indicator panel, wiper, headlights and other lights or other available buttons or panels. Make sure all these features are easy to reach, operate and function properly.
  • Don’t forget to check the trunk. While checking, imagine routine items that might be loaded into the trunk. Make sure the trunk volume can hold all of that.
  • Before deciding to do a new car test drive on the road, do not hesitate to ask for an explanation from the seller regarding the various features and technology contained in the car. Give him a lot of time to explain this. Avoid making him in hurry.

Below the test drive checklist on buying new car:

1. We need to keep calm

Before the test drive new car begin, we need to calm down so that it is easy to provide accurate assessments. Feel free to ask questions and if possible, choose a test drive route that is similar to the conditions of daily activities.

2. Driving quality

Drive cars on various types of road surface. Try on winding roads, city streets, hills, or hollow roads to see the car’s reaction.

3. Engine Power

Engine power tests in real situations such as on the highway, feel the sensation when overtaking another vehicle. Give an assessment of acceleration, is the power enough? Is power affected by AC? Of course this must be tested with AC On and AC off. Please note that AC has a significant influence on compact cars. Because this is the main component from the car, so this item must be included at the test drive checklist on buying new car.

4. Engine Transmission

On manual car transmission, pay attention to the smoothness of gearshift and clutch work. Do both work precision and are easy to use? All of must be “Yes”. If the car is equipped with 4wd technology, try to turn it on and off to find out how easy it is to use the tool. When the transmission is automatic, try to feel the sensation of gear shifting done by the engine. Is there a pause when the gas pedal is pressed with increased car power? Does the gear shift feel the beat? All answers must be “NO”.

5. Handling

Try driving on long turns and sharp turns. Perform sudden turn actions and smooth turns.

The questions to put on test drive checklist:

– How well the car reacts to changes in direction?

– Does it feel stable and controlled?

– Do you feel you can prevent accidents if they occur?

– Does the steering feel right without excessive movement?

All answers must be “Yes”.

6. Braking System

Braking system is about the safety, so don’t forget this item to be included on the test drive checklist on buying new car. Make sure the brakes can stop the car in a straight and controlled position. Try braking slowly and roughly to test the car’s reaction to sudden braking. Previously warn other passengers, and pay attention to other cars around you. If the car is not equipped with ABS (anti-lock braking system) technology, look for an open parking lot. Try the “dodge” movement when testing ABS technology.

7. Noise

Listen to the noise of the engine, interior, tires, and the roar of the wind by way of up and down the window. If the car is equipped with a sunroof, open it and listen to the incoming noise. Do it at normal speed and high speed.

8. Parking

Parallel parking to check blind spots or difficulty determining the angle of the car. When the car is parked, take a few moments to get out and see it.

Now we already know and are ready to test drive new car. Those are some test drive checklist on buying new car that you can use as a guide from CARs Assistant. Be an honest, thorough and tough buyer. Rest assured that not all of our needs will be able to be fulfilled by a car. But choose a car that is able to provide the most fulfillment of the needs we expect. Perfectionism will only hold us but it doesn’t mean that everything has to be done in a hurry. Greetings gearheads!

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