Guide On Legal Car Modifications for Gearheads

For gearheads, it is very clear that they are buying cars not for the purpose to supporting their daily activities. They buy cars to be used as collections item and a pride. Of course, to be able to become a collection item and pride, the car must be able to look different or be able to give value to the owner. So there is no other way that can be done besides making modifications to the car. However, modifying the cars we have must not be done carelessly. Modifications must pay attention to legal aspects. Therefore, it is very important to have a guide on legal car modifications.

car modification inspiration photoModification of the car is not an easy matter. It’s a time and costs consuming. Therefore, it is not allowed to do it carelessly. Mistakes in action will be disastrous for car owners. Especially in terms of costs, the costs of restoration to make it back to normal and the costs incurred to make these mistakes.

The legal aspect, why does this need to be taken into consideration when modifying a car? Imagine if your favorite car is not allowed to be able to run on the highway … How can we drive it to gather with friends? For the sake of the contest, maybe we can still use towing services to go to the contest location. But what about the contest that will be participated in? Does it not require legal aspects of the participant’s car? Of course, all of these questions are why it is so important to pay attention to the legal aspects on modifying our car. Thus, before modifying our car, we should have a guide on legal car modifications. We certainly do not want as stated before that modifying our favorite car should not be done carelessly, therefore, so as not to be wrong in stepping, it is better to read to the following comments from car assistants:

Complete guide on legal car modifications below:

  1. Make A Plan Related to The Car Modification That Will Be Done
  2. Prepare A Car Modification Budget Wisely
  3. Choose The Right Car for Modification
  4. Create A List of Spare Parts That Will Be Used
  5. Perform Body Car Restoration
  6. Implementation of New Colors On Cars
  7. Engines Car Modification
  8. Brakes and Suspensions Modification
  9. Determine Car Modification Details

Make A Plan Related to The Car Modification That Will Be Done

The first step to legally modifying a car is to first consult with the modifier consultants. This is done to obtain preliminary information in planning related to the type of modification that we will do. Choose a consultant that has a good reputation. To find out their reputation can be seen from the work and achievements they have achieved. This we can know through competitions of modified cars, automotive magazines, to browsing on the internet. Although, browsing the internet has the risk of a paid review of the consultant, but at least that we can knowledge that can be used as a reference to be compared with other information that we have obtained previously. If we have found the right consultant, let us know that we need a guide on legal car modifications. This is very important to convey to them. Therefore, it needs to be known, that out there are so many types of modifications that can be done without regard to the legal aspects. We do not want to do that; we want to achieve pride but remain within the corridors of applicable law. With parties who are more experienced like this, we can convey the initial design of the desired car or even ask questions regarding the initial design that is right for us. Furthermore, this designer will definitely provide useful input about colors, tire types, interiors, and other related matters.

The next step, after we have the information from the consultant, we should confirm the authorities related to the things that we will do it. If all these things are true, then there is no more reason not to continue this plan to the next stage.

Prepare A Car Modification Budget Wisely

After we compile a good plan, then we can then compile a budget to realize this dream. Make sure how much money we can allocate for this plan. Do not hesitate to check the price of spare parts first. Consider the modification time factor needed because this will affect the cost of the modification. If we choose to use professional services, then make sure we have included additional costs for their salaries. Avoid overly precise budgeting. A precise budget can give us problems later on. Especially if the modification time is very long. Then of course there will be fluctuations in the price of spare parts that we have checked before. Although this can be avoided by stocking the spare parts that we need for the sake of this modification. To be safe, increasing the budget by around 10% is a wise action that can be done.

Choose The Right Car for Modification

The choice of the right car to be modified will greatly affect the type of modification to be made and the amount of funds that have been provided. Therefore, it is very important to keep bench-marking in the previous two steps. Try to find a car with decent conditions. The less rust and damage, the less costs will be incurred. Make sure we have researched the car. The first thing to consider is the year of manufacture and the manufacturer’s standard specifications for the car. getting a brochure for the car is a miracle for us. And in relation with our review this time about the guide on legal car modifications, the most important aspect is to make sure the car is not in trouble with the law.

Create A List of Spare Parts That Will Be Used

If we decide to stock up the spare parts that we will use, then we should make a list of those parts. the information column in the record includes: number, name of spare part, function, status (ready / not yet), location of storage (this is important to avoid purchasing the same parts twice or buying parts with the same function). In addition, it is necessary to add information whether the spare parts have been installed or not. It’s funny if we buy parts that are apparently already installed on the car.

Perform Body Car Restoration

If the car purchased is an old car. So it is very important to consider the total restoration of the car body. We cannot to know the quality of body material that is hidden behind car paint without doing a total restoration. There are several methods suggested by some well-known workshops for body restoration. The most commonly used is the blasting media which makes the car return to its original color. In addition, it can also be done by using soda blasting, namely the use of baking soda in high pressure. The result of this soda blasting car looks clean, shiny like ‘fresh from the factory’. And the last is to use the acid dip method. Where the car will be dipped in a pool full of acid to fade the paint. The experts will know more about this.

Implementation of New Colors On Cars

After body restoration, it’s time to determine the color of the car. Don’t hesitate to browse to find the best color for car. Remember, car paint is one of the most important factors in car modification because the color of the car will be the most dominant that will be seen by the eye. Changing the color of the car needs to consider the legal aspects. One of the ways carried out by car thieves so that stolen cars can used is by change the color, of course we do not want our car to be considered a stolen car, so color change is one of the factors that is serious enough to be considered in the guide on legal car modifications. If possible, make a request to change the colors listed on the car document to the relevant government authorities. If there is an opportunity, consultation to a car body repair shop is something that needs to be considered. Famous body workshops and shops that specifically provide body paint services for cars. Ask for time to be able to discuss with them about the choice of colors and the best brands to use. Although it looks a little expensive, but guaranteed we will not regret the results. And most importantly, do not be lulled by the offer of cheap paint but the quality is not necessarily reliable.

Engines Car Modification

For this part, it is very important to pay special attention. Modification of the engine must only be done if the type of modification we choose is related to the car’s performance. Modification of the engine is generally done in two ways, namely restoration of the engine in accordance with manufacturer standards and upgrading the engine to obtain more performance. One of the most common ways to modify an engine is to do an engine swap. Although this is still much debated in the legal aspect. But it will depend on the rules implemented by the local government. To get other engine can be done through ordering new one directly to the manufacturer or by buying a half-cut body. Half-cut body is pretty much an option, aside from the relatively lower price, there are also other component parts besides the engine that can be obtained. For purchasing a half-cut engine, it is very important to find official documents from the car. Of course we don’t want to have problems with the law for using stolen car engines. The main suggestion in the guide on legal car modifications is to pass orders directly to the manufacturer. This action is the wisest action. It is important to realize that modifications to the engine are modifications that will require the most money and time.

Brakes and Suspensions Modification

Engine search can be accompanied by searching for a suitable suspension system and braking components. If we decide to upgrade the engine performance, upgrading the braking system becomes mandatory. Remember it’s better to spend a lot of money on these two things now, because it’s guaranteed to be durable than looking for cheap but easily damaged material. Also match the types of tires with brake choices that we do.

Determine Car Modification Details

After everything is installed, soon we can enjoy the results of the struggle so far in the form of a modified car. What needs to be done now is to determine the detailed modifications that will be applied to the car. Keep in mind that this detailed modification will always capture people’s attention, interior and exterior. In the details that will be done this will be a differentiator with modifications by others. Therefore, it is very important to think about this from the beginning.

In conclusion, our need for a guide on legal car modifications is important for us to fulfill in order to drain our aspirations. But, in meeting our needs, it is also very important to pay attention to whether this does not conflict with the rights or needs of others. Therefore, fulfilling the legal aspects in an effort to make modifications on our car becomes very important to consider. But, did you already know about the type of car modification styles that you can do?

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