Choosing The Best Color For Car

The best color for car will be very different for everyone. This is due to the subjectivity of the reason the person chooses colors for the car they are going to buy. This applies both on buying new car and in terms of buying used car. It cannot be denied that, buying a car is not just to meet mere needs. The reason people choose cars to buy will be vary. Starting from the price, brand, model, type of car, even sometimes the reason people choose the car is caused by the cars color.

The best color for car can be caused by several factors:

  1. Resale price.
  2. Driving Comfort.
  3. Easy to maintain.
  4. Maintenance costs
  5. Driving safety.
  6. Fuel efficiency
  7. Color is chosen based on a person’s character.

The resale price factor is based on color

Cars with brightly color

Bright colors like yellow, red, and green for small cars turned out to be able to influence the resale price of the car. These colors turned out to play a role on the selling price that remained high and the quick of the car to be sold back. Generally, this happens to the cars with small size such as city cars.

Cars with neutral color

Neutral colors like black, white, gray, and silver in medium and large size of cars like MPV and SUV are popular with people. This can be seen by the number of neutral colored cars with this type circulating in the streets. Especially for premium cars in black. Therefore, if you want to buy a medium or large car, you should choose neutral colors.

Comfort in driving

Color assumptions can affect comfort in driving can be tested using a black shirt under the daylight and so with other colors. Black color will tend to absorb more heat. And know, we can imagine if we are sit on a black car with daylight conditions. Based on a data, that dark color absorbs more heat and only reflects the 5% remaining. Instead, it was found that white was able to reflect heat up to 60%. So, which color do you prefer to choose according this assumptions?

Easy to maintain

The ease of car maintenance will affect the color of the car in this case maintenance when there is a scratch on the body of the car that causes the car to be painted on that part. If this condition occurs, the silver and gray colors tend to be easier because they are between white and black shades. Not so with other colors that have many choices despite being in solid colors such as red, black, or white.

The amount of maintenance costs

Maintenance costs can be a consideration in choosing the color of the car. Unusual colors tend to have maintenance costs that tend to be more expensive compared to commonly found colors. This is because if the car has scratches on the body, the paint used is harder to find. Although with the method of mixing colors, the color still tends to be more difficult to find the exact color of the car’s color.

The level of safety in driving

Research carried out in several countries found that color had an effect on driving safety. A study conducted by Monash University in Australia also concluded that compared to vehicles that are white, a number of colors are associated with a higher risk of accidents. There are several colors with lower visibility. These colors include: black, blue, gray, green, red and silver. The study also found that no color was statistically safer than white. Although a number of other colors also cannot be distinguished from white statistically in terms of the risk of an accident. In addition, this study also found that during the day, other colors had a relatively higher accident risk of 10% compared to the white. However, this research does not actually say that white is the best color for car.

Similar results were also found by Germany’s Tuev-Nord, one of the safety testing agency companies. Other research conducted at the University of Auckland in New Zealand found that drivers who use brown cars tend to have a much greater risk of injury than cars that have other colors. This also applies to the cars that are black and green.

Fuel efficiency

In the previous point it was discussed that cars with dark colors can have an impact on comfort. Temperatures that tend to be hotter in cars with dark colors will directly make the car AC overwork. This will cause the car engine to overwork as well. Thus, more fuel consumption. A study conducted by the University of Berkeley Technology Department concluded that cars that have bright colors have a fuel efficiency of 2% or 0.187 km / liter more economically than cars that have dark colors. This research was conducted on two cars that have the same type with different colors. Testing is done by parking the car under the daylight with engine running for approximately one hour. Then calculated the fuel consumption spent by the two cars. This can also be seen in eco-friendly cars that tend to have brighter colors and reduce production for black colors.

Color is chosen based on a person’s character

Black Car Color

black car image


Black car owners tend to have strong, luxurious and established characters. Black car owners love the firm side and classic impression. On the other hand, presidential cars in various countries also generally use this color because black is also identified with the symbol of power.

White Car Color

white car image

White has been used for a long time to show the impression of being fresh, modern, clean, elegant but still simple. According to several points before then this color could be one of the best color for car.

Silver Car Color

silver car image

Silver gives the impression of being practical, innovative, business orientation, and good taste. However, on the other hand, silver can give the impression of being lazy. Silver which is classified as neutral color can disguise dust on the car so that it is not cleaned at all times. Certainly this is a bit of a benefit for owners who are workaholic so they don’t have much time to care for their cars. Silver also symbolizes modern technology as found in stainless steel materials. This shows that car owners are people who like technology.

Gray Car Color

grey car image

This color gives a simple impression that is characteristic of gray car users. Gray car users want their lives to run normally and stable without significant fluctuations. To maintain these conditions, they will be very careful and compromise a lot about unpleasant conditions.

Brown Car Color

brown car image

This character is almost the same as gray, this color car user still looks simple, thrifty and behaves honestly. Usually, the car chosen with color has good quality and long durability. The owner of a car with this color emphasizes the functional side and does not care about popularity.

Blue Car Color

blue car image

People who choose cars in blue tend to have optimistic characters. In fact, this color symbolizes the tranquility of life and the wise nature of its owner. Poor behavior of blue car owners only on their flamboyant lifestyle. However, on the other hand, they are introspective and sensitive to the incompatibility that might arise from themselves.

Red Car Color

red car image

People who choose red tend to have similarities with people who choose black cars. Masculine, powerful and aggression will be the impression of the owner of this color. For men, this color shows a dominant status in terms of finance. Conversely, women who choose red cars show high levels of confidence and joy. Automotive manufacturers usually provide red colors for sports models or high performance. The reason is simple; this color can make people impressed or attract attention. Ambitious people usually choose red for their cars. The negative side of red users is their characters who are extroverted to have excessive self-confidence because of the high spirit of life. Glamorous lifestyle and party hobbies are a common pleasure from red users. That’s why, many people choose this color as the best color for car.

Yellow Car Color

yellow car image

People who choose yellow for their cars tend to have characteristics that are cheerful and full of happiness. Car owners are usually wise, imaginative, have a good sense of humor, up to high business passion. In addition, this color is usually used by young people or people who are young at heart.

Thus the factors that can affect people in choosing the car color can be discussed by cars assistant on this occasion. As stated at the beginning of the article that the reason people on choosing colors for their cars is very subjective. Many factors that people take into consideration in choosing these colors. Thus, the choice about the best color for car still remains in your decision.

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