Since I was a kid, I have a dream car that must have later. A few years ago that had approached one decade, finally the dream came true. A HONDA CIVIC HATCHBACK 2 DOORS car goes into my garage. As an old dream car, any restoration directly did in several parts considering the age of the car that was launched in 1995. Old but Gold … yes this term is the most appropriate to call it.

Honda Civic hatcback 2 doors

Until at one time I had to give up to let it to go to someone else’s garage. So much experience that I gained while owning this car, car maintenance, engine repairs, car body repair, electricity restoration, accessories install, and engine swap. I do almost everything by myself. From the information that I found, it turned out that the car took part in the drag race several times. It was amazing to know it. All of you can imagine, how condition of the car? There is a big different on daily use stock car and car for competition. To make it original manufacture look, need time and more much little penny. Once again… that’s all mean nothing for a hobby.

Another memory that is more important is having many friends from various regions and countries. It is undeniable that one of the advantages of used cars or old cars, especially for cars in the collection item category, is having a mass base of community people scattered in various regions to foreign countries. Even though they are fused in various different communities but still in the same spirit. The enthusiasm in the roar of naturally aspirated cars even though among us also buried a big turbo under their engine hood … LOL!

I dedicate this blog to remember all of memories with this car. Cars Assistant {dot} com will provide articles, guides, and news related to the automotive world … Sometimes articles wrote on this blog is often found the term GEARHEADS. I use this term to refer to those who have enthusiasm in the automotive world as I am. Greeting GEARHEADS wherever you are …